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Ad Astra Thursday/Friday ... FGoH - Who me?

So Ad Astra was the weekend before last and they had invited me as the Fan Guest of Honour. I was indeed honoured... Flabebrgasted, stunned, amazed - but honoured. :)

My weekend began on Thursday with a Meet & Greet for the guests and staff. I met the author Don Bassingthwaite and his partner and we had a nice chat. Aside from that I touched base with all my friends on the staff and concom. I couldn't stay too late as I had to work the next day so I split around 11 PM and headed home.


I ended up going to the con straight from a job interview and arrived around 5-ish to check in to my room and get ready for the Opening Cermonies at 6 PM. Upon arriving at the main room I ended up sitting beside Mark Asquith - as we had been chatting with people in the hall and thus were the last two to sit down. As such I ended up sitting closest to the podium and - lo and behold - Amanda (the chair) called upon me to introduce myself first.

As the people were there to hear the pros and not me I made a comment such as "If you see me in the hall come up and chat. If you see me in the bar - buy me a drink." That got a small chuckle ... which got bigger as succeeding guests all mentioned the bar (Mark: "I'm with Gord in the bar." Don: "The bar sounds good to me." etc.) Even CJ Cherryh made a similar comment. I felt I was in for a good time.

After that it was off to get ready for The Intergalactic Dating Game. I was the bachelor who would get to choose a date from three fantasy babes. Yum! (This was one con that I was going to get a girl at! :) ) These days the show is somewhat scripted and the others wanted to practice some. I kept kidding my three potential dates that I had made up my own questions and was going to throw them in all of a sudden. The Lady of the Lake (Heather Dale) made whinging noises at this: "But I've practiced my lines!" Well ... she put one over on me later on!

The game started with the Bitter Princess choosing from her three bachlors and then my group went on. All the girls were in fine form (tee-hee-hee) and I had to choose between Red Riding Hood (complete with knee-high leather boots), the aforementioned Lady of the Lake, and Vampire Willow ... who kept on about "puppies" and things. Intriguing! Suddenly, half way through the show, the Lady of the Lake started making up her own answers ... very enticing answers as well!!!! Here's me - dateless wonder - and a beautiful woman like Heather (a true beauty in person too!) is throwing not-even-vaguely-subtle innuendo at me in front of a hundred or so people. Well!!!!

But all good things come to and end and I ended up choosing Little Red Riding Hood who was glad that at least she didn't get a wolf this time ... Little did she know!!! But everybody had a fun time and there was much laughter! So the evening was a success.

We then vacated the stage for Jason Taniguchi and his ever popular one-man show. I missed it this year as I never ended up making it out of the Green Room and Con Suite in time. So I schmoozed for the rest of the evening. Hey! That's what they kept telling me my job was for the weekend!!! Honest. ;)

I ended up chatting well into the morning (6 AM to be exact) ... and I actually ended up sharing war stories with another old gamer (Good on you, Tom!) and a souple of younger friends. It was nice revisiting my gamer geek roots.

But I tells ya - a night like that sure makes one remember that they're not 20 anymore (as Saturday was to prove).
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