gordon_rose (gordon_rose) wrote in gordinarypeople,

Keep Your Arms and Legs Inside the Con At All Times

So ... I'm MCing another masquerade next weekend. SFX/CNA/etc. has their masq on the Saturday.

The audience last year was animalistic at best. And, judging by the tone of some message baords I watch, it doesn't look to be much better this year. But I'm being very good and satying out of the discussions. And I've sort of decided that I just don't care about the drama anymore.

If the younger/less mature/inexperienced/childish costumers (many unfortunately tarnishing the reputation and credibility of the anime camp, but by no means limited solely to that group) want to turn everyone off who is running and staffing the events, I say let them go right ahead.

Pretty soon they won't have any quality masquerades to speak of and they'll be looking at the dedicated costumers reaping praise at the more solid shows.

So let's see if this year's crowd carries itself with a little bit more decorum. And let's see how they react to some of the new controls and guidelines that are being put in place.

Me? I'm just going to have fun. :)
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