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What a Pleasant Surprise!

So this weekend's masquerade was quite a lot of fun. There was very little drama, practically none.

I see by many message boards that </a></b></a>kaijugal is receiving much justifiable praise on running a great show. And I woud like to add mine. Bravo!!!!

I also found that the audience was a TREMENDOUS improvement over last year. They responded well to the contestants, they responded well to me, and everybody seemed to have a good time.

Yes, there were a couple of things that were not what I'd call "good points" - flash photography, and there was one point where someone tried to step on a presentation by shouting something out. But everyone seemed to respond well to being told that acting like that wasn't cool or acceptable. And I even heard MANY people in the audience telling people to behave. So the idea of the audience becoming more self-policing seems to be working. All it takes is time and patience.

However ... the flash photography was perhaps the worst I've ever seen it. I guess we just have to resign ourselves to work on one thing at a time. But I wonder if the people who were taking all those flash pictures would like it if, next year, nobody was allowed to take cameras into the theatre? That's the way theatres normally run ... and it is a safety consideration that needs to be adhered to. I guess we'll see.

But the quality of the costumes was amazingly good! And the presentations were all entertaining! And the audience was very good! And the crew and staff were great!

... And I had a blast.

So kudos to everyone involved and thank you to HobbyStar and Dawn for having me as their host.
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