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Costuming Programming at Ad Astra

For the costumers amongst us...

This was just posted on Cosplay.Com ... feel free to spread the word as you see fit:

Programming Panels (scheduled but subject to change on availability of panellists):

Pattern Alteration
Sewing Techniques (2-hour demonstration/workshop)
Makeup for Stage and Photo
Duct Tape Dress Forms (and How to Make Them)
Photography and the Photography Area
The Lightning Round
The International Costumers’ Guild (ICG) – A Toronto Chapter

We are looking at a couple of other options but have no firm commitment on them at thsi time. We will do our best to keep you informed as things develop.

The Masquerade

The masquerade rules should be posted on the website within the next couple of days (barring any technical problems). It will be run using the Standard Division System and we're hoping to have workmanship judging (subject to judges' availability). You may also direct any questions either to Elemental or Ninja Sensei.

The Costumers’ Suite

Are you tired of not seeing your friends or any of the convention because you’re in your room doing that “last bit of sewing before the masquerade”?

Do you want to “Ooo!” and “Aah!” over what’s being seen and is winning at other masquerades?

Or would you want pass any idle time surrounded by like-minded people and just chatting?

We will have a Costumers’ Suite set up so that you can do just that. It will have a fair bit of space to spread out in if you have to finish that last piece of sewing, an emergency sewing repair kit will be made available for use, the TV will be set up with a VCR and DVD to watch masquerade tapes on, and it is just down the hall from the Con Suite if you need to recharge your batteries a bit.

So drop in and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow costumers!
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Sounds kickass, a nice range of panels/workshops for the first go at the costuming track! Kudos to the team!

I'm assuming that if I haven't been contacted about a panel, I'm not on it?

And I'm particularly stoked about the costumers' suite...I have a feeling I'll be spending most of my spare time in there sewing beads. XD
Actually this post prompetd me to post more details to the Yahoo Group. (Does anybody check that anymore?)
I was talking to Jacquie Ward at OLA and told her to come see the new masqueraders hopefully she will.
I'm hoping to talk to all (or most ... I'm not sure about Barb's availability) at the dinner later this month. I'm hoping they'll come and just attend for a change and have fun.

And I've also scheduled a sort of meet 'n' greet for them to meet the newer crop of costumers.
What is "The dinner?"
Sounds great! The costumer's suite sounds awesome. I'd probably be in there just hanging out watching the old tapes!
... some of which you are on. :)
Costumer's Suite huh ... with sewing and masq videos ... sounds a lot like you stold Dawn's house and brought it to the con. ^_^

...it's funny because it's true. XD
You know, I never thought of it before... but I think you're right! :D

*crosses fingers in hopes that her costume will be finished*
Well, I'm sure if you're not quite finished, you'll be able to do the final touches in the Costumers' Suite. :)

BTW - Has Holly contacted you yet about ninja-ing?